Ute Riese

His pictures originate in a structural and sytematic exploration of methods of abstract painting. He succeeds in faciltating the interaction of colour, space and energy in a wide range of completely different types of pictures such as the "Interference Paintings", the "Refraction Paintings" or the "Wave Paintings". Burges is fascinated by optical and physical phenomena such as radiation energies, light reflections, gravitational forces, rhythmic or accoustic structures, as for instance interferences and wave movement which determine the character of his complex and all-over type of panting. In his most recent work " Virtual Scene Pictures", using a multi-layering painting process, free play with colouring materials and the various ways of applying colour, squeegee technique, blurring and superimposition or breaking up of colour fields. Burges is moving towards a point, where the abstract structures and worlds of colour by way of a sublime transformation open up imaginary spaces. These evoke scenic and architectonic intimations as well as associations with imaginary pictures and scenes which seem to exist behind abstract pictorial patterns, whilst at the same time drawing the spectator`s attention back to the patterns.


>Michael Burges<,

exhibition catalogue "New abstract painting - abstract painting now",

Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen